What Is Natural Tap Water

Just as the word implies, it means water that is natural without any added chemicals. No different from organic food that gives you the most natural ingredients for your body.

What is regular tap water?

What the media says about regular tap water

“Though 194 public water supplies with higher-than-recommended chemical concentrations are located in 33 states, three-quarters of the toxic water supplies are in just 13 states: California, New Jersey, North Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Georgia, Minnesota, Arizona, Massachusetts and Illinois.” -CNN



Healthier beverages

When washing your clothes you might notices how much laundry detergent it takes to get suds. As well as if you ever notice your clothes fading faster or just deteriorating after getting washed. All those problems are due to the quality of the water coming into your home.


Youthful skin and hair

If your drinking glasses have spots on them. You can rest assured this is caused by the quality of the water coming out your tap.


More comfortable clothes

If you notice a white residue under your

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fixtures. This problem is from the water coming into your home every day.


Saves Money

Ever noticed that you always feel the need to put body lotion on? Well reason for that is because your skin is getting dried out due to your tap water. Not also to mention a major cause of psoriasis or just flaky skin.

How We Can Help

What we will do is send out a water expert who will do a no cost 5 point test of your home water. You will see your results within minutes of each test to see the quality of your water. Your water tester will also treat the water that is coming out of your tap to show you comparison of how your water should taste like and feel like. You will also be given a great educational experience so you will become an informed homeowner about water.In addition you will also receive a free $25.00 visa gift card.

Schedule Your No Cost 5 Point Tap Water Test & Treatment